What COVİD 19 means for women in Turkey and around the world- Turkish Coffee - Episode 1


Whether in vibrant traditional coffee houses or in the privacy of homes, Turkish coffee has accompanied conversation about a wide range of subjects throughout centuries. The "Turkish Coffee" podcasts keep up this tradition of spontaneous and convivial talks where Aygen Aytaç and Nazlan Ertan talk of things relevant to life- from politics to family ties, from regional clashes to cultural codes.

Friends for decades, Aygen and Nazlan often compared their experiences from London to Istanbul, from Brussels to Baku and saw first-hand that people shared similar concerns, fears and aspirations whether they were in corridors of power or in newsrooms. "Turkish Coffee" podcasts share their experience, observations and enduring good-humor against all odds. 

This first episode focuses on the impact of COVID19 on women in Turkey and around the world. They discuss about a range of issues from the increase of domestic violence to economic hardships.